How Your Business Can Put It's Name On The New Norm In and Out of the Office

  • Feb 16, 2021

Who is this post for:
Those in roles such as Human Resources Representatives, Office Managers, School and Health Care Administrators, Marketers, and Realtors can benefit from this article.
In mid-2020, the term “PPE” (personal protective equipment) became a household term however the products themselves were not easy to come by at the time. Many of the available PPE supplies were allocated to essential workers who, even today, are on the front lines of the pandemic. Now in 2021, as the gradual easing of lockdown measures and non-essential workers return back to businesses, PPE becomes even more of the desired product. As business owners, managers, constituents, customers, and staff take on government-mandated safety precautions, the new norm is becoming visible. We can see it on people’s faces with masks covering a sea of people (who are 6 feet apart from one another). And if you pay attention to individuals out and about you will notice safety gloves, sanitizers on key chains, sanitation stations near entrances, and exits of establishments. Giving customized PPE as gifts to employees, friends, and family was well-received during the holiday season and will continue to gain popularity as 2021 progresses.
Many people across the world are taking precautions to ward off the virus and help slow the spread. Organizations, who have not previously needed to consider utilizing PPE must evolve to do so in the effort to combat the risk of spreading COVID-19.
While we are not the CDC and we advise you to follow their guidelines, we do offer PPE that you can brand. Providing branded PPE for your constituents enables them to follow and adapt to the new norm and helps grow awareness of your organization and its effort in taking safety precautions for the good of the community. Here are some popular PPE and health protection items that your organization can customize for your customers and staff.
Face Masks
  • KN95 FDA Registered Masks
  • Standard Plastic Face Shield with Anti-Fogging Protective Coating
  • Ionshield 2-Ply Deluxe Cooling Face Mask with Pocket for Filter & Ear Loop Adjustments
  • ComfortProtect Face Mask
  • 3 Ply Disposable ASTM Level 3 Face Masks
Office worker employee staff member wearing a custom branded mask from his employer company
Germ and Virus Protection Tools
  • Brass No-Touch Protection Tool (Keychain)
  • Freedom Key Stainless Steel No Touch Tool
  • Bowie Softly Stylus AM Pen + Antimicrobial Additive - Laser
  • Bowie Softy AM Pen + Antimicrobial Additive - ColorJet
  • No-Touch Protection Tool with Stylus
Touchless key touch less tools ppe tools sanitary key
Antimicrobail Pens No Germs Left on pens
  • Gel Go 1.0 Hand Sanitizer
  • HD-200 Self-Sanitizing 17 oz Water Bottle with UV-C Light Cap
  • Urban Pro Metal Pen w/ Hand Sanitizer Spray
Customize your sanitizer products for your workers employee staff customers and clients
If your organization is interested in learning more about customized PPE and or safety tools and products to help reduce sickness, viruses, and germs, call or email us.
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We look forward to helping your organization help stop the spread of viruses, support the growth of awareness of your business with custom branding, and show your constituents that you are responsible and active in supporting the safety of your community.