What is a Promotional Product?

A Promotional product is any item of usefulness that carries an imprinted message. It’s powerful advertising with potential to build your brand just as effectively as any 30 second commercial, slick magazine page, or internet banner. And last a whole lot longer.

5 Strengths of Promotional Products

  1. The first strength of promotional products is that it's targeted, it goes only where you want it to go. There is little to no waste.
  2. The second strength is that it provides long term advertising value. It can continue promoting your company for years after it's been given out.
  3. The third strength is that the medium becomes the message. And When the medium becomes the message it creates a memory hook. your company will be remembered.
  4. The fourth strength is goodwill. When promotional products are used correctly to show appreciation, it created goodwill every time the recipients looks or uses the promotional product or products you gave them.
  5. And finally, the fifth strength is the endorsement aspect. When someone uses a promotional product with a logo or imprint it indicates that the person has a favorable working relationship with that company, which implies that they endorse it.


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